I have been thinking a lot about decades in the past few months. The definition of the word decade essentially means ten parts. Most frequently we think of a ten year period that begins with a year ending in 0. 

So why all the concern with the decades : I just finished negotiating a new lease for my dental office. My current lease which lasted ten years just expired and now I have just signed a new lease which coincidentally will last for the next ten years. To make things even more interesting I signed the first lease when I was 40 (my daughter was 4), I am now 50 (my daughter is 14) and my new lease will expire when I am 60 (my daughter will be 24!!)!  It turns out that when you break your life down into ten year leases the old adage that life is short really starts to prove to be true.

I am excited to announce that the new lease will be at a new location. 37 Birch Street in Milford, MA only about 1 mile from our current office. We are looking forward to the grand opening in about 10 weeks. Ten weeks! Sounds like it's right around the fact that is true. But guess what: Ten weeks from now Christmas will be past, we will be in the last week of December heading into 2017. really is short but one of our goals is to help make sure your teeth have a long life!

Since we don't have that many days in our short lives; we have to make the most of them. So how about doing something to make someone's life better today and before you go to bed tonight, something to make your teeth's life longer!

Keep smiling.  

Dr. Dave